How To Host Tournaments & Contests in MPL

How To Host Tournaments/Contests in MPL & Earn More Money

This is another tutorial for Mobile Premier Game players on how to run your own tournaments or contests and earn money in their bank account or Paytm wallet. It’s very easy to host a tournament here and you don’t need to pay anything for it. Surprisingly, you will be able to make more money by hosting your own tournaments on MPL and inviting your friends to participate in it. So let’s start.

Steps To Host A Tournament/Contest on MPL Pro App

  1. Open the MPL app and if you are a new user then kindly DOWNLOAD MPL Pro Apk file and install it on your smartphone. Make sure to apply the referral code 5HP7BF to get Rs 20 cash bonus + 20 tokens as a signup bonus.mpl app referral code
  2. Now, you will find a banner on the homepage showing, ” HOST YOUR FIRST TOURNAMENT¬† and get 20% Cashback”. Just click on this banner.mpl host tournament banner
  3. Choose the game for which you want to host the tournament. These games include Space Breaker, Fruit Chop, Runner No. 1, Football, Bubble Shooter, Run Out, Ice Jump, Monster Truck, Build Up, Can Jump, Fruit Slice, Flipster, Pro Cricket, Fruit Dart, Basket Ball, Maze Up, Go ride, Bloxmash and Sniper.
  4. For example, I am selecting here the “Pro Cricket”¬† just to show you all the steps.
  5. You can also rename the tournament name according to you will. Just move towards the ‘Tournament Name” option and tap on it to edit.
  6. Now select the “Tournament Entry Fee”. The entry fee will be deducted from your winning balance and not the cash bonus. I have made it Rs 5 here.
  7. The next step is to set or limit the number of players taking part in the tournament. To set the number of players, swipe left or right depending on your choice. I have set the limit to 20 players here.all steps to run mpl tournaments
  8. Finally, click on “HOST TOURNAMENT” green rectangular box present at the bottom.
  9. Now pay the entry fee to create the tournament entry fee
  10. After paying the entry fee, you will see a message the following message, “Your Tournament has been created successfully!”.
  11. That’s it done. Now invite your friend to join your tournament and earn cashback on every joining.mpl tournament created
  12. Enjoy.

How To Invite Your Friends and Followers To Join Your Created Tournament

  1. In order to invite, first, make sure that you have created the tournament. See all the steps above to do this.
  2. You will find all the option to invite after creating the tournament successfully. Basically, all the option to invite appears when you complete the payment for the tournament.
  3. You will find something below.mpl tournament invite link and code
  4. You can also see your tournament code. Click on “COPY CODE” and share it among your friends.
  5. To invite your friends via WhatsApp, click the WhatsApp icon.
  6. If you are looking forward to inviting all your followers then tap on the blue box shows, “INVITE ALL FOLLOWERS”.
  7. Your friends can either use the invite link or apply the tournament code to join the tournament.
  8. Done.

Important Tips & Tricks For Hosting MPL Tournaments

  • Keep playing till the tournament ends to improve your score and rank.
  • Try to achieve a higher rank on the leaderboard to win bigger prizes and winning cash.
  • The minimum entry fee is Rs 5 and the maximum goes up to Rs 1000.
  • After selecting the entry fee, set the “Tournament Duration”. The minimum match duration is 20 min and the maximum is 10 hours.
  • Make sure that when the tournament duration ends then it will no longer accept any more participants, so choose wisely.
  • Also, make sure that tournament needs a minimum of 2 players and the maximum is 50 players. The tournament gets auto-cancelled if it fails to receive the prescribed number of players and all the entry fees will be refunded.
  • The actual prize money may change if there is a tie at any winning ranks.
  • As per Government regulations, a tax of 31.2% will be deducted from the winning balance if it exceeds Rs 10,000.

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Ending Lines

That’s it, guise, I tried my best to explain to you the correct way to run tournaments or contests in mpl app. It is to be noted that by following this guide, you can easily host mpl superteam, football, kabaddi tournaments etc. If you’re finding any type of difficulty then do comment below.

The best thing is that you get more commission when you add more friend to your hosted tournament. So, don’t lose this opportunity to earn more money. MPL also provides offers & commission on hosting tournaments. Currently, there are two offers running for mpl pro users including 20% cashback up to Rs 50 for new user and 5% cashback of all the entry fees collected from the friends you invited to join your tournament.

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