How To Host MPL Audio Shows & Earn Money; Full Guide 2020

Mobile Premier League is putting a lot of effort to make this platform better and user-friendly. MPL has now added another feature known as MPL Audio Shows for its users so that they can now interact with other mpl players easily and effectively. Previously, MPL users used the MPL chat feature to chat among the popular mpl users.

You can join the Audio Shows to go live with them. MPL also allows you to create your own Audio Shows and invite your friends to join them.

As of now, there are several numbers of Audio Shows available. The popular ones will appear first on the “Audio Shows” section. You can also earn money by hosting Audio Shows.

What is MPL Audio Shows?

MPL has added the new Audio Shows feature to allow all the MPL users to interact with other users. The users can interact by chatting and realtime audio conferencing.

This show allows the exchange of mpl tokens, winning and cash balance among the users. You will also find a gift icon to send tokens, winning & cash bonus. The users have to pay the prescribed amount by the owner to join the Audio Show.

How To Create Your Own MPL Audio Shows

There are three types of Audio Shows packs including 1 Free Show, 1 Day Pack and 1 Show Pack. You are allowed to create any of these shows. You need to buy packs to host the Audio Shows. The “1 Free Show” can be hosted without paying anything but it has limited features.

MPL Audio Shows Packs

  • 1 FREE SHOW: Host 1 free show up to 30 minutes. The entry fee is free of cost.
  • 1 DAY PACK: Host unlimited shows for 24 hours. The entry fee is Rs 8 winning or deposit balance.
  • 1 SHOWS PACK: Host 1 show up to 60 minutes. The entry fee is Rs 2 winning or deposit balance.

Steps To Host or Run A MPL Audio Show

  1. Open the MPL pro app and scroll down a little bit to reach the “Audio Shows” section.
  2. Now click on “MORE” to open the “MPL Audio Shows” shows section
  3. Click on “+CREATE YOUR SHOW” option present at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Now select any of the three packs depending on your choice and requirements.mpl audio shows buy packs
  5. I am selecting here the “1 FREE SHOW”. Note that if you’re selecting any one of the other two packs then you need to pay the set amount first.
  6. Now give your “Show Name” and select the “Show Topic”. The show topic provided are chat, exchange, friends, games, singing.
  7. After entering the show name and selecting the show topic, select the “Show Language” according to your choice. The language options include Hindi, English, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Anything.
  8. Now select the theme colour of your Audio Show. There are 4 colour theme options to create mpl audio shows
  9. Finally, click on “CREATE YOUR SHOW” and then on “I AGREE” to create your MPL audio show.
  10. Done, You can now see your Audio Show going live.
  11. You can now interact with other players by chatting and realtime audio conferencing.
  12. Enjoy your first Audio Show.

How To Join Other Popular Audio Shows

  1. Move to the MPL Audio Shows section.
  2. You will find all the popular Audio Shows first. You can also sort the lists by selecting the tags available in grey colour options. Tags include popular, recent, all, max cash, friends, games, singing, chat and to join audio show
  3. You can also search for your desired MPL Audio Show by clicking on the “magnifying glass icon” present at the top-right. There is also a “Quick Join” option to find a random mpl audio show.
  4. After finding your favourite MPL Audio Show, click on it open the Audio Show.
  5.  Now click on the “circle with a + sign” in it to join the Audio Show. You can get more circles with + sign in it, but you need to just tap on any one of them.mpl audio show live
  6.  Make sure that if you are getting a lock sign in the circle then you cannot join. Look for other circles with a plus sign in them and tap on them.
  7. After getting joined, you chat among your friends and enjoy realtime audio conferencing.
  8. You can send and receive MPL tokens and winning balance by clicking on the gift icon present at the bottom.
  9. Done.

How To Earn Money By Hosting MPL Audio Shows

Yes, you can earn bigger money by just hosting Audio Shows on MPL pro app. I am going to share with you some important tricks and guidelines.

This will really help you in earning money and hosting a great Audio Show. In order to get started, you must first know the minimum requirements which you have to fulfil to earn money.

Just like other social media platform where you interact with others. MPL Audio Show is also the same.

If you are able to create an Audio Show with a large number of followers than you can reach to more audience. And if you have a great audience then its easy to earn money using them.

Minimum Requirements

  • Cretae An Audio Show.
  • Try to bring more and more followers to your Audio Show.
  • You must possess something that mpl users need or wants. It can be mpl tips & tricks, mod apks, mpl games hacks etc.

What To Do To Start Earning Money

  1. After creating your MPL Audio Show, start sharing free stuff like mpl tokens or winning balance to attract more followers.
  2. When you will be able to able to get enough followers then you can move ahead.
  3. To earn money, you can sell MPL tips & tricks, game hacks, mod apks etc among your followers.
  4. The followers will buy your stuff if they will find the material you are sharing to be genuine and working.
  5. You will be able to earn winning balance when your followers will send you gift during the Audio Show.
  6. So, start sharing and earning.
  7. Enjoy.

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