Play MPL Quiz Battles & Give Simple Answers To Earn Money

Mobile Premier League has recently started a new quiz show which has been branded as MPL Quiz Battles. As the name suggests, it a battle game, you will play the quiz game against any selected random player. The winner of the quiz battle will be selected on the basis of points scored.

You have to either use your winning cash or deposit cash to play the quiz game. Cash bonus can’t be used here to participate and play.

How To Participate & Play in MPL Quiz Battle Game

  1. At first, DOWNLOAD the MPL Apk and install it on your phone.
  2. Now login to your mpl account or signup if are new to mpl. [ Make sure to apply the referral code: 5HP7BF during signup to get Rs 20 cash bonus and 20 tokens for free]
  3. Click either click on the “MPL Quiz Battles” banner or move to the “All Games” section and open the quiz.
  4. Now you will find the list of quiz battle games with winning amount and the fee per battle.mpl quiz battle lists
  5. Choose any one of the battle games and click on it.
  6. Move to the bottom and click on “Battle With” and pay the required battle fee.
  7.  Now you will be asked to select the quiz language: English or Hindi.quiz game select language
  8. After selecting the language, mpl will select any random player against whom you will be playing the quiz battle.
  9. Now you will be asked 10 questions from different topics. You will earn points on each correct answer. mpl quiz questions
  10. At last, the player scoring the highest points wins the winning amount.
  11. That’s it, done.

How Are The Winners Selected?mpl quiz battle match result

MPL selects the winner on the basis on the points system. You get points on each correct answer. After the game overs or answering all the questions, the results get declared.

The name of the winner of the game with the winning amount and point scored appears on the screen. The selection criteria are very simple, the player who earns the highest points wins the game.

What type of Questions Are Asked Here?

You will be asked 10 questions in total. Each question will be from different Indian fields or subjects like geography, entertainment, sports, politics, events, history, animal & plant kingdom etc. The question asked are simple and not too hard.

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That’s it guise, start playing the quiz show and earn money. If you don’t know how to redeem your mpl earnings then do check out this post. And if you have any doubt about this battle game, please do comment below for the clarification.

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