How To Play Pubg in MPL App; Full Guide With Tips & Tricks

Recently, Mobile Premier League has introduced the PUBG mobile game in its platform. Now, you can participate in PUBG tournaments through the MPL Pro App and earn real cash for playing PUBG game.

In this guide, I will show how to play pubg in the mpl app and earn real money by ranking first. I will also be discussing the mpl pubg tournament timings. So, lets’ get started.

Steps To Play Tournament in PUBG app Via MPL

Step 1: At first, Download the MPL Pro Apk and install it on your smartphone.

Step 2: Open the app and sign up for a new account by clicking on the “DO YOU HAVE A CODE” option. (Login if you already have an account on the mpl pro app)

Step 3: Make sure to apply this mpl referral code: 5HP7BF to get Rs 10 cash bonus and 10 tokens as a signup bonus.

Step 4: Now, mpl app is ready to use. The next main step is to install PUBG Mobile on your phone and login to the pubg app using your FB or Google ID.

Step 5: After logging to the pubg mobile app, find your PUBG ID and note it for future use.

Step 5: Open the mpl app and move to the “All Games” section. Now, Scroll down to find the PUBG MOBILe game icon and click on it.


Step 6: Now, you will find a number of pubg tournaments listed, select the one for which you want to participate.


Step 7: Click on the “Add ID” box under YOUR PUBG ID and save your correct PUBG ID. [To find your PUBG ID, open the pubg mobile app and click on the profile icon available in the top-right corner. If the message appears, “mpl pubg invalid id” then make sure that you are entering the correct ID.]

Step 8: Finally, click on “PLAY WITH” and complete the payment to successfully register for the pubg live tournament.


Step 9: Now, 10 minutes before the tournament starts, you will get ROOM Number and password.

Step 10: The next step is to open the pubg mobile and select the map location provided in the tournament.

Step 11: Click on the “ROOM” option and join the room by entering the given room number and password.


Step 12: That’s it, done. Now, wait till the 100 users join the room. And the pubg tournament game starts when all the users join the room.

Note: There is no as such mpl pubg tournament apk or mpl pubg app. You will find the pubg mobile icon in the games section of the general MPL Pro version app. To play pubg, you also need to install the pubg mobile app on your smartphone. MPL only allows you to participate in the tournament game. You cannot play mpl pubg tournaments on the pubg mobile lite app.

MPL Pubg Rules & Imp. Points

  • The tournament will be automatically cancelled if it fails to get a minimum of 2 players.
  • On cancelling of the tournament, the entry fee is refunded.
  • The prize will change if there is a tie.
  • According to the government rules, a tax of 31.2% will be deducted on winnings of Rs 10,000 and above.
  • The maximum players that can take part in a particular tournament are 100.
  • The prize-winning amount is shown during the tournament registration.
  • In most of the tournaments, only the player who ranks first wins, but this can be different for other tournaments.
  • The winning amount is credited to the winning cash wallet.
  • It may take one to two hours for the winner announcement.

FAQs on MPL Pubg Game

Is PUBG avialable on the MPL app?

Yes, you can now participate in pubg tournaments and win real money by ranking at the top. mpl pubg game is available in the games section.

Where to download mpl pubg app?

There is no as such mpl pubg app. To play mpl pubg tournaments, you have to install the mpl pro app and the pubg mobile app.

Is it possible to play mpl pubg tournaments on pubg lite?

No, the pung mobile lite app does not support mpl pubg tournaments. You have to use the regular pubg mobile app.

How to check mpl pubg tournament timing?

Open the mp pro app and go to the games section. Click on the pubg mobile icon to find all the schedule and timings of all the pubg tournaments. You will also find the running and the finished tournaments.

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