How To Search & Follow Your Favourite MPL Players

Mobile Premier League has added a new feature for all its players. The feature will enable MPL app players to find their loved and popular MPL players and follow them with no time. MPL calls its popular players as heroes. You will also be able to see the top 3 players of the mpl gaming platform in India.

This is basically a guide which will show you the way to explore awesomely players of the mpl gaming world. You can also chat among all the online users using the global chat feature.

The global chat feature can also help you to reach to your favourite player. And if you are interested to contact or send personal messages to popular mpl users then you can very easily do this.

How To Find Popular MPL Players By Their Name

  1. Download MPL Pro Apk and install it on your phone.
  2. Open the app and enter this mpl code 5HP7BF to get Rs 50 cash bonus and 25 tokens.mpl app referral code
  3. Now enter your mobile number and submit it.
  4. Enter the received OTP to finally complete the signup process.
  5. Skip all the above steps and directly login to your mpl account if you have already registered here before.
  6. Go to the ‘Heroes’ section.find your favourite players
  7. Now type the name of the desired player into the search box and hit the search icon.
  8. You will now see a list of the user’s profile related to the name you searched with their profile photo and name.list of popular mpl players
  9. Click on the correct profile name to open it.
  10. Done.

How To Follow Your Favorite MPL Gamers

  1. You need to first find their profile using their name. See all the above steps to find them and then proceed here.
  2. After finding, open the right profile.
  3. You will find a green follow button in the profile section. Just click on it start following him/her.follow mpl player
  4. Now you can send personal messages to him/her by clicking on the ‘MESSAGE’ icon.
  5. To unfollow, simple go to the profile of that player which you followed and click on the ‘small ticked mark user icon’.
  6. Confirm your unfollow decision by clicking on ‘YES’.
  7. Done.

How To Chat/Contact With MPL PLayers

  1. You can directly chat with your favourite player by just visiting their profile and following them.
  2. After following them, you will find an option to message them with mpl players
  3. There is also a global chat feature.
  4. The global chat feature allows you to chat with all the online players in one platform.
  5. To start using global chat, go to the ‘Heroes’ section and click on the red circle with a chat option.
  6. Now type and send your desired messages.

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